I had to rush into Epe to buy something for the love feast tomorrow and as I was walking back I passed this dog… who looked so sad and I had to snap a photo.

The School of Intercessory Prayer SOIP 2015 graduated last night, but I'm here until Sunday, when I head off to Paris for the holidays. Even though the SOIP doesn't officially end until tomorrow, my roommate is off to Amsterdam today (she's staying with someone tonight). She's flying to Switzerland for the weekend and her flight leaves too early for her to travel, by bus and train, from Epe to the airport in Amsterdam in time to make her flight.

Today we did the deep clean of Licht in Duuster LID, and because we worked so fast, we had the afternoon off (thus why I had just enough time to go rushing into Epe).

Three days to go until I'm in Paris!! I can't wait to be there again! And for a few weeks!

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