Pictorial blethers

By blethers

To remind me ...

We've just waved our dinner guest off along this stretch of lane in the pitch black ( he refused the loan of a torch) into the gale and the driving rain. He's only two doors away; I hope he's made it by now. But the point is that I took this photo at noon today simply because I knew of the weather to come (did anyone not?) and wanted to remind myself of what it could look like, even in winter.

The lane is unadopted - in other words, we all own the bit outside our own houses, to the mid-point - so is unmade; it has been mud and bits of old mashed-up tarmac used to fill in puddles all the time we've lived here. Tidy it isn't. But it has a pleasantly rural feel, and beyond one can see the hillside where two years ago a mini-tornado ripped out a swathe of forest which then had to be prematurely harvested at great expense. 

And the sun? About an hour of sun, on and off. Now it's just a memory. Hatches are well-battened down; we hope the roof is the same. But I'm glad I took this unremarkable photo...

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