Mist Above the Flood Waters

The water meadows are still well and truly flooded! They are mostly used for grazing but I am sure that the landowners would prefer them not to be under water!

I spent a very enjoyable hour or two early this morning wading through the flood waters with my camera (& tripod, of course - still loving my tripod!). I came home with upwards of 350 photos, so I have a fair bit of sorting to do. I've chosen this one for my blip because it's quite different from my previous two 'flood' blips (and because it was shouting 'blip me!' at me :))

Thank you so much for everything for my watery blips! I hope you are managing to stay dry and that those who have been hit with real, home invading flooding in other part of the UK, are able to restore order before too long......



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