Abstract Thursday

So good to see the pledge figures climbing steadily!

The weather here has turned really nasty today! We hit 41.9c at 3 pm and at midnight (now) its still 30c ugh I dont like it at all when its this hot!!!

We waited for the sun to go down to take Toto for a quick walk around the block thinking it must at least feel better without the sun. But no it was awful with a strong hot wind blowing as well. There was a storm coming in and some weird clouds about but eventually that wind blew it away and just left the heat!

I've had some fun with apps for Abstract Thursday, so nice to have time to experiment! This one was done with Glaze and its looking down into the stairwell and that black blank space at the top is a window, fascinating to see what it does in real time.

Also used another new one called 'Path on' which allows you to draw a line and then write text on the line, you can use all sorts of shapes and sizes, very handy for all my blip messages at the moment!! ;o)

Putting a shot of the fabulous sunset in as an extra, would have liked to also add one of the shots of the strange storm clouds but it wont let me put two extras grrrrr!!!!

Big thanks to youoregon1 for keeping AT alive!! ;o))

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