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Fluffy 1748 hr (Monday 11th January 2016)

I'm Fluffyminding for a few days while her normal room service is away in Iceland. I heard a familiar complaining yowl from somewhere in the house when I went in for her evening feed, but she did not come down to where the food was. After awhile I went in search of her and found her curled up on a bed. She was acquiescent to being photographed and stroked but didn't bother to rouse herself.
She now has one of those clever collars that only allows her through the cat flap, so I suppose there was no need to rush down to eat, secure in the knowledge that she had exclusive access to the food bowl.

12.1.2016 (1315 hr)

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Day #2115
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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Philip Glass - "Heroes" Symphony - "Heroes" (1996, Looking Glass Studios, New York NY))
From the music of David Bowie and Brian Eno performed by the American Composers Orchestra/Dennis Russell Davies.
Produced by Kurt Munkacsi and Michael Riesman

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