Dios del muerte

She started the night well, but after feed at 4am just didn't get back to sleep and the rest of the day she was pretty unsettled between feeds....didn't seem to want to sleep but grizzled a lot and rather sicky
P and I went out for some fresh air after bingeing on Netflix for too long and had a nice wander around Santana Row, then home for comfort food dinner and a group face mask pamper! When someone came to the door with food gifts we looked like a Halloween gathering!
Kept remembering Bowie tunes today and thinking about going to see the Ziggy Stardust tour in Leeds (June 1973 - just looked it up and it was in the Kirkstall Rolerena(!), 4 days before the famous end at Hammersmith) with my -at that stage unmentionably gay- friend MH. We were in heaven...

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