Rey With Prey

I was photographing and telling the dappled grey horse in the Donkey Field how beautiful it is in lovely sunshine at 11:00 am when Reynard trotted bold as brass into view. For some reason he didn't spot me at first and I got a few shots. Jazzy didn't see him at all. I can't quite make out what it is he has in his mouth. At first I thought it was bacon but on closer inspection I think it might be a newly born mammal, maybe a rabbit?

New front boots on the S2000 this afternoon and a bit of weather forecasting the country way from me. I saw my first flock of fieldfares of the winter in an oak at Lodge Farm. A sure sign that it's going to turn wintry at last. I've added them to extras. There's a lone starling at the top of the tree.  

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