Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Bomber Command

This was going to be blip about the British 10k race i'm running in London tomorrow, and so off i went to the start line... what there is of it on a busy Saturday lunch time to take a 'before' photo.

Only when i got there, did i realise that we'll be starting right next to the new Bomber Command statue in Green Park.

This memorial has been stalled for years due to controversy about the large scale bombing campaigns targeted at cities towards the end of the war. But that aside, these statues are imense.

9 feet tall bronze figures of a Lancaster bomber crew stood atop a massive stone plinth, all covered in a shelter made from reclaimed aluminium from a World War II Halifax.

Impressive stuff!

This all reminded me of a conversation I once overheard at work:

- "You know the new guy downstairs?"

- "The one with the glasses?"

-"Yeah, well he used to be in the air force you know"

-"The wha? Like... the army?"

-"Well... like the Royal Air force, yeah..."

-"What... you mean like the proper army or something?"

-"Erm... yeah, something like that."

-"I was going to join the army once, but my mum said I was too thick"

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