Making the most of it

It might not have been yesterday’s blue sky but today had its own beauty with a sharp crusty frost that lasted well into the afternoon.  Planning to catch the train back from Ilkley, I changed my mind almost as soon as I was heading up onto the moors.  Freezing fog was forecast and it clung to the rocks and grass most beautifully.  With rain and warmth forecast, I concluded this could be the last bit of real winter so I hung on to it and walked back as well.  

After only saying yesterday that Little Dog chases everything but birds, she had my heart missing a beat for a while as a crow enticed her further and further into the mist like the Pied Piper, stopping for her to catch up and then leading her astray.  Luckily, she gave up before she disappeared and came charging back.

I’m feeling lighter with a foot lopped off my hair - that’s it for another year.

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