Mote Park

A lovely morning that clouded up later. We were able to have a quick trot to the library and into Mote Park before heading off to see our friends for the day.

This view is usually not the prettiest, being largely unkempt and often boggy, the only visitors being muddy dogs. We have seen a Little Egret there though.

We had another excellent day with our friends. Ate too much as usual, but one day doesn't make any difference. Back on the straight and narrow tomorrow. Booked a few days away with them in June in Dorset so we can attend a photography course. That'll make it a busy June what with a week in Wales after that and then a swift turn around and up to Edinburgh for a wedding.

We visited a farm shop this afternoon, just north of Hertford. Pearce's I think it was called. Bought some wheatgerm and also buckwheat flour to try in breadmaking.

A great evening meal of marinate leg of lamb called Raan with various curry accompaniments followed by kulfi ice-cream.

And an unusually trouble free trip home, which is not always the case.

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