Very useful day today - after a long, lazy, lie-in.  Didn't wake up until gone 9am, and took a while to come round, but finally got up and got on with stuff.  Took a few photos of the raindrops in the tree outside again this morning - can really see the new buds coming through now.  Spring is on the way!

Cleaned the kitchen thoroughly after lunch, then Tim and I went to IKEA.  It was super busy there - bit of a challenge to find a parking space, which is never a good sign - but we managed to get round reasonably quickly, and to only buy the two things we went in for!  It must be a record!   No candles, no lamps, no cushions, no plants - just a chest of drawers and a pair of fabric drawer thingies.

Came home and Tim built the new chest of drawers while I made us a pie for dinner.  Quorn, leek and mushroom - it was delicious!  Also massive, so we'll be having it for the next couple of nights....

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