Water Bottle

There's nothing much to write about. I came in later than usual today due to compensation for yesterday's trip.

Bas and I worked on another application for the GO Team outreach this summer, we also prayed about some stuff... after that we did some other stuff (I can't remember what).

After lunch I took the minutes of a meeting for the Open House this year. By this point Bas had gone back to Licht In Duuister LID, so Carl and I biked back there and had a brainstorming season to recruit the September Discipleship Training School DTS.

I then chilled, wrote emails and Skyped a good friend of mine. We talked for about an hour and laughed a lot!

I'm blipping this because I have nothing else on my camera roll and I just wanted to post about how grateful I am to have this water bottle. It was a gift from one of the September DTS girls.

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