…..well, almost!  I had to go to the dentist this morning - and I blame Mr. HCB, because he wanted bacon and egg sandwiches last Saturday which resulted in the loss of a filling!

Anyway, knowing that I had to go today, and thinking of my self-styled challenge of Wacky Wednesday, I thought the receptionist - and believe me, you can’t get wackier than Debbie!

She is the smiling face of our dentist, and not only in person - whenever we ring, she always has a cheeky word and we often laugh together.  

A few months ago, we discovered that I had known her Mum, who used to serve me in the Co-op, and they are so alike.  Her Mum used to laugh and joke and often brightened up my day.  When I told Debbie today that I had been thinking of her Mum, she said that she wasn’t having a good week as it was 4 years ago this week that she had died.  So we reminisced about her Mum and I told Debbie that she not only looked like her Mum, but she also laughed like her too.  I think that cheered up a little - I hope so anyway.

She knows I take a photograph every day, so when I mentioned Wacky Wednesday, she laughed and then I took several shots, but not before she had told me she doesn’t like having her photograph taken - so join the ever-expanding club!!

I liked this one when she covered her face with her hands - but just so you can see how lovely she is, there is a “proper” photograph in my extras.

Some people make the world brighter because they have a wonderful character and an amazing smile - and that’s Debbie!  

When life gives you
     a hundred reasons to cry,
          show life you have
               a thousand reasons

P.S.  I also put a Post-it Note on the door leading to the Smile Room - see another extra!

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