Wearing purple...

By 60plus

Souter Lighthouse #2

First visit & blip in May last year.
Today we arrived through the sleet with our friends Denise & Martin, but managed to snatch a few shots in a gap between showers. Had a very informative tour this time, and learned several things about the lighthouse and the coast that we didn't know at all. 
One of them was the fact that, though the lighthouse has been decommissioned as a light, it is still very useful for daytime navigation. Every lighthouse around the coast is different - so there is no other one with the red and white colour in this particular configuration, with the black roofs and buildings at its foot. Replacing just one pane of toughened glass in the room where the light is - there was a spare at the bottom of the stairs - costs £700!
We had intended to have a bit of a walk, but as the weather was so awful we drove up to Woodhead instead. The extra is a mono shot of the pithead gear there.

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