Life in a Northern Town

By kagsy

Day 254: - Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager in Reykjavik - a dreamboat calling forth the promise of uncharted territories. It is a dream of hope, an ode to the sun. Or so Google tells me.

We've certainly had sun today, we landed on this glistening white island in the most wonderful late afternoon sun and thought we might make it to the top of Halgrimskirkja before it shut at 5pm. Alas was not to be as the 30 mile trip from the airport to Reykjavik on the coach took longer than the flight from Manchester and was nothing short of torture. Serves me right for not wanting to fork out the stupid amount of money for a taxi - lesson learnt. Sometimes economies really are false.

Anyway, the hotel is lovely and has mega wifi. Iceland really is civilised. We have had delicious pizza and eye wateringly expensive wine (well I have, not Sarah) and we are excited about dog sledding, geysirs and waterfalls tomorrow. Plus it was colder in Manchester this morning than it is here so all good. And nobody seemed to mind us interloping in First Class.

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