Ro started the day with one imaginary rose!  It was beautiful and I'll always keep it!

He and grandson left to go to the football while we girls took life gently and a bit later went off for a walk ending on the swings!  My little robin of the other day was nowhere to be seen but I took this shot of the girls going down the railway bridge to add to my stair collection!

We have made amaretto biscuits for the first time, but with Grand Marnier, delicious but how do you know when they're cooked?

With some play dough they have made lots of things which we will paint when dry and they are starting to make a teddy house out of cardboard boxes - we await Ro for the Stanley knife part!  and they have made loads of stuff using Hama beads!!

Time to watch some TV, I think, and have a rest (!!!)before we cook up some food!

Sorry I only have time for stars at the moment!!!!! But I still love the whistle-stop tour of the journals!

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