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Cirque de Soleil

A tearful day at work today - it's the penultimate day after all! Diane had her last official Food Court Thursday with her team, and I had my leaving Morning Tea. It feels very strange to say goodbye to people as we are seeing lots of them tomorrow/next week, so it feels a bit like a dream!

To make us feel less sad we are trying our best to sell Scotland as a tourist destination - hopefully some of our new found friends will come and see us!

After a hectic, emotional day I squeezed in a final team jog before we met up with the parents at Monsoon Poon for a delicious banquet of Asian fusion foods.

As if that wasn't enough, we headed to Vector for some after-dinner entertainment - Cirque de Soleil!! Amazing strength, skill, stamina and off the wall quirky/weird costumes and characters. Great evening which left us all acknowledging how unfit we all are. Wow.

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