By Sparky


Elaine and I decided to go to the material shop area, to buy material to curtain off the boxes in the bedroom. we arrived to find that they are shut on a Sunday. so we decided to take the subte B to the end of the line and see what was there. not much really, an ice-cream shop, a bar, a statue of a famour argentine singer songwriter, with some of his famous lyrics, but not his name. we chatted to a helpful passer-by, who used google translate to decifer the lyrics, but that seemed to make less sense than the spanish.
having sampled the delights of the area we wandered over to the bus stop, only to find that our bus was diverting due to.....
the carnival!!! whoopy
we walked down to the closed-off street, savoured the atmosphere of samba bands, unique, glittery costumes and cans of shaving foam in every child's hand. and caught the late bus home. 

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