... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

University Parks: Robin in Song

More virtuoso in large.

It was, I believe/hope, my penultimate day in the windowless room. *PHEW*
I've spent far too many days in there, and don't understand how people can keep working there for years... I enjoyed escaping at lunchtime, and found several robins being uplifting in the University Parks. I've uploaded some others to Flickr (right from here); that first one would be my blip alternative...

As to yesterday's blip, I enjoyed your comments and suggestions! The mystery object was the toggle from my duffle coat (this bit); it fell off its leather loop at the weekend and I've not yet managed to reattach it. It looks like horn, but it is actually made of plastic; I must admit that I was impressed by the texture when I saw it in macro, as I'd assumed that it'd look much more plasticky up close.

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