Journey Through Time

By Sue

The Lonely Goose

We went to Ridgefield NWR today, before the rain storm that is due soon. Edit: I have much better photos, but I chose this lonely goose, because this one was so sad.  Or so it seemed.  It was by itself on the pond, and honking and talking and wondering where his pals were.  His, her...I don't know.  Anyway, he seemed so lonely and I've no idea why, since there were a thousand geese  (no, I did not count them)  in various places throughout the refuge.  This one just seemed a bit lost.

Saw a young eagle flying about, but my camera and I don't do too well with flying birds, although one shot of flying swans turned out not so bad. Photos are here of course.  A couple of the landscape photos I took with my 50mm.  Such a lovely lens. Much nicer than this goose, but, this is what I did, so it stays this way.  The first few are ones I took yesterday at my friend's property where I got the eggs and also at the Botanical Garden, across from that big barn.

I have a stew cooking in the crock pot and it sure smells good.  I did a different recipe so I hope it comes out okay.  Just different seasonings and flavors.  It's supposed to be a stormy day tomorrow, so a nice bowl of stew sounded good to me.

Anyway, I better get off of Bill's computer.  We did get the mouse working, so that makes it much easier. 

Take care kids.

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