Midde Meadow Walk Unicorn

BB went off to school laden this morning.  He had his badminton stuff and his wellies and a change of clothes as they were going for a river walk with the countryside rangers. It wasn’t a great day for such a walk, and I am not sure what they did, but I do know that they found leeches!

I on the other hand was stuck at my desk proof reading a 30 page document for a colleague.  I hadn’t long finished that when I had to sit through George Osborne’s budget statement to see if there was anything relevant to our areas of work.  There wasn’t.  Having reported back on that I then had to head out of the office for a meeting that I was a little wary of – however it was all very amicable and as it over ran I didn’t have time to go back to the office, so wandered to the station taking in the sights of the Royal Mile.  I was accosted by a chap who told me he was training to be a tour guide.  He told me that there used to be a prison in the area outside St Giles cathedral and that when people spit on the heart of Midlothian, it is not for good luck, but they are showing disdain for the prison.

I picked BB up from badminton, did a quick-ish run round the supermarket and we came home for tea and homework.  He didn’t have much to do tonight, but just as he was heading to bed he announced he had two activities to do with his spelling words – too late!

This is one of a pair of unicorns that guard the entrance to Middle Meadow Walk.

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