There's SUN!!!

I guess the caps explain my excitement at the fact that the sun is out and that world is warming up!! I'm thrilled!! The cold is coming to an end! That's what's exciting me so much, and the summer rainstorms. I love rain but not when it's freezing cold and I have it bike or run in it.

Fitness is going good. I'm following a couching program on Nike+ and have gotten further than I have before. So it looks like I am going to finish week one. Usually I get to day two and drop out. Not this time. I am going to get fit!!

I saw my Discipleship Training School DTS outreach leader today, along with her husband and daughter. It was awesome seeing them and chatting for a while. This lady had a big impact on my life during the DTS, both in the lectures and when we were on outreach.

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