By Tommy0161

River walk....

This pictures were taken along the River Irwell. At one time it was lined with industry with the river draining into Pomona and Manchester Docks. All that went decades ago and it became a neglected part of the city and certainly not an attractive or safe place to visit. But times are changing and the river is increasingly lined with increasingly tall apartment blocks. The tower with the two red cranes will be three times the height it is now when finished. It will loom dramatically above the river.

I walked along the river path. In places there is still sand left from the Boxing Day floods. The path was a bit remote. Some of the apartment blocks don’t seem to have access to it and it felt a bit lonely. I wouldn’t be happy walking here at night and even in bright sunshine I was aware of a bit of an edge. A girl on a bicycle who came up behind me quietly spooked me. And a large guy who seemed to be catching up with me made me wary. Maybe he was wary of me? The graffiti art didn’t help either. As more people move in and, hopefully, they open up the riverbanks that will change.

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