Journey's End

River Eamont (Part 32)

These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs
With a sweet inland murmur . . . *

It is a long time since I took this photograph, standing on a bridge that has since disappeared, to start the journey along the River Eamont. And we are now at the end of the journey. Here is the confluence of the Eamont and the Eden, the Eamont flowing from the centre of the picture into the Eden, and the Eden continuing on its way to the right.

I like to think that the name Eamont means water from the mountain, (it may not and there are a few other possible derivations), as that is exactly what the Eamont does - gathers the water from the mountain streams around Ullswater and takes it through to this point and then empties the water into the Eden, which then continues on its way to Carlisle and to the sea.

It has only been about 12 miles, but we have come across some interesting things along the way and it has not always been a 'sweet inland murmur' either. I have enjoyed the journey and it has been great to have people along for the ride.  

I didn't think I was going to get this picture, as the view from the road is obscured by the railway embankment - the best view is from the train! But we found and followed a track I had seen on the map, under the railway and across a field. It would have been a very muddy field full of cattle, if it had not been for the time of year and the dry weather we have had recently. We walked to the far end of the field and there it was . . .

* Wordsworth: Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey


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