Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Hail Farah Finish

The blip photo shows Mo Farah racing the last two hundred metres to finish third in The Cardiff World Half Marathon 2016, to collect the Bronze medal. I say 'hail', as it was litterally hailstoning!

The extra shows the winner, Kamworor, out on his own just before finishing to win. You can see the legs of the second placed runner behind him, in the distance. It was a close call as to which was the main picture but everyone loves Mo - so went with that!

My oldest daughter was in the race but there were so many there I didn't get to see her at the start. They were twenty abreast, and so many had the same clear plastic coats to protect themselves from the rain that it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Having said that, a friend Jason who owns the company that was doing the motorcycle marshalling and also have the cameramen on the back of motorcycles, spotted me in the crowd. (They do all the major events, and filming, in the UK, America and Europe.) The finish was absolutely heaving and I wondered how I was going to get a good view of the finish. His cameraman, despite having paid, did not want to go on the back of Jasons bike as it was raining!!

I got absolutely drenched and on getting the pictures drove home for a bath and cuppa. No sooner I'd got in than I got an urgent call out. Great timing!

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