The tide had turned.

Water was running into Snells Beach from Kawau Bay past this headland. The sun had just risen above Kawau Island, sending a broad band of sunlight across the water of the bay, and over the rocks and the pools left after the tide last ebbed, to end (as it does) at my feet.

There is nothing different, important, or magical about my feet. It is a rule of physics. 

Two fishers were out on the rocks at the end of the headland separating our beach from Snells Beach when I arrived down the path from Fidelis onto the broad swathe of sand and rocks. More sand than two weeks ago; the storms in the interim must have brought in some sand.

Choosing not to disturb their peace, I do not know if they were being successful in catching fish from the incoming tide . The gulls were clearly interested, as a number of my other photos showed (see today's extra). The waders were just starting to arrive as I headed back to the beachhouse. 

I spent yesterday in a very relaxed mode; to the extent that I read a whole Peter Robinson detective novel in one day. Nothing hard, but more than I usually read given the other things that usually distract me. Such as sweeping the deck, which I did today. 

I hope that everyone who has been part of a blipmeet this weekend has enjoyed it.

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