Varavas' cousin

By rena

Hellenic Rescue Team

Last time i climbed the Agrafa mountains was about 20 years ago, in the summer of year 1989...
My friend Kyriaki tries to become a member of Hellenic Rescue Team. She, also, tries to make me participate in their activities, which all of a sudden i found very the end..
From Friday 28 of November to Sunday 30 November, the HRT organises a Panhellenic Rescue Exercise near the mountainous shelter of Karditsa...
This afternoon Kyriaki had two glasses of wine, then drove to my place, i got in her car and she drove in a rather "having ignorance of danger" way to 1530 meters altitude in thick fog. I had never been there so season and in hour... We arrived at the shelter where the theoretical part of the exercise was taking place, we had an espresso and for half an hour we watched the specialist talking to the true members of the team about ropes and knots and such stuff... We couldn't understand a thing and as Kyriaki said, we are in the kindergarden now, while the real members do a postdoc!!!
But we 're going again tomorrow...
After all there's my 100th blip ahead!!

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