How many Blippers?

Does it take to get a shot of a Blipmeet?

The answer to this one was about five...

You can see the resulting shot and the whole group in extras.

Another day, another Blipmeet, this time at the Museum of the Jet Age in Gloucester.  A real little gem of a museum although I was very challenged by the technology on display.  Frank Whittle is very much a central figure at the museum, very much as Turing is at Bletchley.  What talent there is around us.

Thank you to DJRose007 for organising it all for us and looking after us so well.  Our happy band consisted of Woodpeckers, HelenJG, MPJG, Woofcity, abeaglepackdad, gregglovett, cleansteve, incrdibilish, ThingsBeautiful, SHH and me!

When we had finished there, Rob and I went onto something totally different at Westbury Court Gardens - the only Old Dutch Water Gardens left in this country.  We had an interesting wander around and a good walk to look at the River Severn in all its glory.

I am trying, along with AnnieMay and hopefully some others (hint hint) to add a poem a day to by Blips during April for National Poetry Writing Month  (Tag NaPoWriMo).  I added yesterday's poem late to the Bletchley Blip.  Here is today's "On visiting the Jet Age Museum":

I don't understand it.
The Jet Engine.       Flight.
The Gadgets.
Difficult sometimes.
Question Why.
The meaning of Life?  Surely not.
Knowledge?  Why not?
Understanding?  No?
Grappling after Truth?
Acceptance, a flower in the gutter.
It works. It doesn't work.
It lives.  It dies.
Grappling?  Accepting?
Accept today.

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