But I still got you!

This Buzzard was hiding in the tree, I came away disappointed that I didn't get a good enough shot, but when I uploaded my pictures I was delighted to see what I had captured. But one look at me and it was gone! Am I that scary.

Thank you so much for your kindness on my Wren yesterday and my parking problem. My trouble is I don't want to be 'Disabled' and so I didn't spell the story out right.
My Doctor and I had to fill out a form requesting for me to have a disabled parking badge. From the Vehicle and licensing department. But as my operation was more than 6 months ago, I should be fine now. But, I'm not, I am under the Specialist in Guernsey and Exeter, and the Pain Specialist here too. I've been very unlucky that I wasn't back to work fully recovered in 3-4 weeks. In fact I have been off work 14 months, and now I have lost my job, but I am still no better off, in fact in much more pain than I was before the operation. I cannot walk any distance, so my only exercise is swimming. But I can't walk from the car park. So now unless I can get this sorted, I cannot have exercise. Please, this has been hard to write, I am not asking for sympathy. But support for all, people who cannot get around easily. I know now how it feels. Lesson learnt.

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