Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, stars and hearts for my fluffy Blue Tit yesterday, it's on Page 1 of Popular!! :-)

Whilst I was eating breakfast I saw the Great Tit perched on the washing line looking for insects. He definitely flew back and forth between the line and our postbox. This is about the third time I've noticed him and so, of course, I rushed to get the camera from the other room. I managed a few shots and then decided to do a bit of online research about their nesting habits.  I found some interesting info on the BTO site about them but it didn't specifically mention odd nesting boxes for Great Tits.

I sorted out a stool under the window so I could try to get some better shots with the tripod and of course it didn't come back. Not to be deterred I kept an eye and ear out all morning, eventually venturing outside when the sun came out. I put the camera on continuous shooting and managed to get this shot of it coming out of the box. I wasn't quick enough to get it going in, next time.

I told our grumpy postie about the nesting birds and he has agreed to put any post in a different spot if we're not around. So let's hope things progress and we have baby birds soon! 

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