The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ


Today was as expected - long, upsetting and painful.
It started off okay, with helping Christopher pack up his car, but by the time he had to leave I was in tears. I found it harder to say goodbye this time knowing it might be a long-term thing. I arrived at the office in tears and managed to get through nearly a packet of tissues before having my supervision meeting, which begun with more tears. I believe that this morning marked the point where my body finally caved and the pain of my jaw and combined with Christopher leaving it got too much. I was rescued nicely by hazelh who helped me see that its not the end of the world that Christopher has to leave and also me teeth are just ridiculous little buggers that can take a hike (my thoughts, not her words!).
My colleague also brought me in a thermometer. Yesterday, I spent the morning telling her about my teeth issues and she suggested taking my temperature to make sure I’m not getting a fever if the infection gets bad. I blip her ‘present’ she brought for me this morning (it weirdly cheered me up a little after my supervision tears).
I managed to get a few odds and ends done before leaving the office for the afternoon and spent a while working from home before going to the dentist. I am never going back there and here is why:
1) I went on Friday in agony and he was going to do nothing. He eventually did some work after a little explanation of my pain and booked me in for a second treatment today.
2) However, it turns out that my pain is not an infection. He actually left some of the nerve in my tooth (on Friday) so the throbbing pain and horrendous feeling / headache was because the antibiotic packing was pressing on the nerve!!
3) I had more treatment today. The dentist pushed, pulled, drilled scraped and filled. It was the most painful 45 mins at the dentist I have ever experienced.
4) To get the tooth properly cleaned and bacteria out of my mouth, the dentist has to use a substance that tasted like bleach (some I swallowed - to which his response was 'yes, we have to kill the bacteria somehow'). I was so shocked by the taste that I jumped up and pointed for the dentist to stop whilst I spat out the crap in my mouth. The second time he washed out my mouth, the dentist made sure I did not swallow any but it did burn my mouth a little.
5) One everything was done, the dentist needed to clear all of the debris out of my tooth. This is done by heating up a metal rod with a lighter (to sterilise it) and then scrape out what is left. However, the dentist slipped  quite badly with the freshly heated rod, and I now have a burn inside of my mouth, across my upper lip and on the skin above my lip. I had to spend a while with ice on my face to help cool the burn and stop the swelling (I have never heard a dentist apologise and ask a million and one times if I am okay). I do believe my scream and tears were enough to say that burning me hurt like hell.
So that's it. A crappy afternoon. I now look like I have been beaten up with a swollen cheek, bruised jaw and mouth and a burn that goes from the inside of my mouth around it (its not massive but noticeable and making me self-conscious).
I'm hoping that the pain goes down enough for me to make my meetings tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!!

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