Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting today!

Mum got home from Washington DC today!  They landed really early again - at about 530am - so she was able to pick me up by 7am and we were in bed by 8!  I love it when mum sleeps in the daytime!  

Mum decided that after sleeping a few hours we would drive into London!!  Whaaat?  Our good friend M was visiting his Aunt and Cousin there and it was his birthday today, so we went to help celebrate!  I slept all the way on the journey so I'd have lots of energy to PARTY!!!  M is one of my best friends - he was my first mum's lodger and I've known him from when I was a tiny puppy. I was so happy to see him!!

We went to a nice pub in their neighbourhood - The Stoke Newington Teahouse. It's a funny name for a pub, but it does include The London School of Tea upstairs where you can go for tea-tastings. Mum said that sounds like fun but I'm glad we stayed in the normal part of the pub!  I LIKE pubs because they usually let dogs come in!  They even had a 'Doggy Bar' for when I got thirsty, though I would have liked to have tried a Guinness!!  

I was allowed to sit at the table and I was very good and waited patiently. The humans had steak, sausage and mash, burgers, chips, onion rings and a cheese platter. I was given little treats of almost everything (but no onion rings). I tell you - it was doggie bliss!!

We finished off the evening back at 'home' with cake!!!  Thankfully there was more than just chocolate, which I'm not allowed. The cupcakes were dog-friendly!!  

We drove home really late. Mum said since it was late she'd drive through the centre of London - the shortest route. I slept most of the way but I could tell Mum didn't like it - still heavy traffic after 11pm!  Thank goodness for the Sat-Nav!

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