At the Cinema

We had a fairly lazy day today. One of many this holiday!!
We popped into the shop to say hello to my mum and dad and ended up having an impromptu visit to Harris + Hoole with my mum. Any excuse!
Sausage roll for Miss E, chicken drumsticks for Miss L, teacake for my mum and tea for me.
While we were there we stocked up on fizzy water so we could make lemonade once we got home. The Little Misses love squeezing every lemon they can get their hands on, fizzing it up with the water and adding as much sugar as they can get their hands on. I must admit it's pretty tasty!
A quick dinner and then I left the house in Mr K's capable hands and headed over to Milton Keynes to meet Mrs Z at the cinema.
She had suggested we go and see Eddie the Eagle. I didn't really fancy it but there was nothing else on and I do like to go to the cinema so why not?!
We had tea in Costa first and chatted away for half an hour. Mrs Z and I are good at chatting!! 
I loved the film. Having had no expectations I enjoyed it all the more. 
Funny, moving, inspiring, full of naked men in saunas - it was just brilliant. 
There was whooping!!!
The journey home was pretty horrific, the worst fog I have ever driven in. And a road where they have just removed all the cats eyes!
I didn't get above 30mph and had to just hug the kerb all the way. It was awful!
Even worse when I got to the lanes to our village. No kerb!! A road I know like the back of my hand and I was crawling along to make sure I didn't drive into a ditch!
But I got home safely eventually. A cup of tea and then bed.

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