The rescue cat

An interesting day at work. Reminds me of why I have spent most of my working life helping the most severely, and acutely, ill. It can be a bit of a roller coaster, going from the satisfaction of seeing someone return to himself out of severe mania, to assessing someone with a first episode severe psychosis, and knowing that our treatments may make relatively little difference. At least, it was good to see the relief that she showed when she realised that someone understood what she is experiencing. 

I took the long way home after work. Across the Upper Harbour Bridge so as to go to daughter J's house in West Auckland to get something that has to be returned early tomorrow. A hand truck used by daughter C and some helpers to rescue the old demo timber I have had stored under the house in Home Street for 13 years. (My intention is to use the timber to make things; when I retire).

On the way there I drove past the Waikumete Cemetery, outside which is a painted box. When I tried to post the photo I took, Blip wouldn't let me post a photo from the future! Unfortunately, when I re entered the date having had to reprogramme the time and date after the Nikon had frozen on me once again, I must inadvertently have entered 05 instead of 04 for the month.

Although I took a photo of my laptop screen showing the photo, having remedied the date issue, and was permitted to post that, I have changed my photo to the rescue cat. The cat was rescued from under the house where it had been guarding the wood. It has repaid us by rescuing me from my mistake, by getting me to take its photo and post that.

The original photo (from one month in the future, no less!!) is today's extra.

Mark Whyte painted this transformer in Glenview Road, bringing together various Glen Eden Scenes: the cemetery (which is right behind the hedge), the railway station and its cafe “Pumped”, the Chapel of Faith in the Oaks, with the Waitakere Ranges and the foothills as backdrop.

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