In the lee of the wind

Today was fine in the high country, rougher the further west you went, and windy wherever you chose.

We chose east knowing the wind could be a factor. It was enough. With excellent visibility we went over Foggy Peak and continued along the ridge towards Castle Hill Peak.

Somewhere along the way we dropped off the ridge out of the wind and ate your lunch. Not a bad sort of view for lunch :-)

In the distance you can see Banks Peninsula. To the left the Waimakariri River snakes across the Canterbury Plains. To the right of the peninsula is Lake Ellesmere.

Straight in front in me, at the base of the peninsula is the Christchurch where I live. And somewhere in there is the big window in my bedroom, from where I can just see the ridge I'm on.

As always God's Cathedral was a great place to be. My soul is refreshed but the rest of me is rather tired.

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