By Cailleach

Stag Nation

The very fancy townhouses across the road from me are owned by a holiday company.

Lord knows how or where they're advertised, but most nights, they seem to be let out to squads of young people celebrating hen or stag parties.

For some strange reason, there are no curtains or blinds across the enormous stair windows, but the inhabitants always seem oblivious of that fact.

Tonight, to my delight horror, there's a party of blokes in their 30s, who have either mislaid their luggage, or are on a nudists' night in. Either way, I'm so disgusted, that I've had to get my binoculars out pull my own blinds down very slowly quickly.

Anyway you must excuse me. It's time I took the dog out for a walk.....or put the rubbish out....or went to check on my car.....

PS (For anyone who's interested, it's #WildWed5 tomorrow.)

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