Cherry Blossom Time part 2

The view from the bedroom window! It's wild  out there (thanks Cailleach!) and the blossoms continue to get a bashing. It's now raining as well.

A very useful day - lots achieved and I'm now researching into two saintly sisters with rather amazing names : St Inghe Bhuidhe and St Laitiarian! There are many different ways of spelling these and the first one is pronounced een bwee but I'm still not sure about the second! All fascinating.

Sorry to go on about this but I am mystified about my broadbeans!! If you recall (of course you do!) my first lot failed to come up and upon investigation there proved to be nothing inside the earth - absolutely nothing, yet the earth appeared not to have been disturbed. Well, I planted another lot and put one tray up high in case it was slugs, and exactly the same thing has happened! And to my sweet peas. Everything gone and no disturbance. Answers on a postcard please.

Cherry Blossom Time very mellow

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