Random Ionic

It's warm, the sun is shining and we went to Cork city for some necessities - coffee, knickers, jeans, Lush bath bombs, sandals and a bra to be precise. After all the mystery of the disappearing broadbeans yesterday (variously put down to mice, leprechauns and sheer forgetfulness) yet more mysteries presented in the city. I think I have this rant every time I come up here so ignore me if you've heard this one before but..... jeans! Should it be so difficult? I went into Marks and Sparks and was confronted with a dizzying smorgasbord of denim-  straight legged, bootlegged, skinny, almost skinny, boyfriend, girlfriend, bum-uplifting, bum-reducing, tum-reducing, cropped, capri.... Well I think I emerged with a pair of skinnyish, cropped, boyfriend jeggings!

And then it was the bra department - men you might want to skip this bit, it's technical. I am literally rendered speechless and immobile each time I venture into the bra area - it's terrifying! I just wanted a normal bra but no - balcony, T shirt, lift and separate (really), padded, underwired, training, nursing, minimising, maximising, front opening, strapless, backless and knock your eye out huge ones like hammocks! I purchased but I'm not confident.
Coffee and bath bombs less traumatic.

And it's son#2's birthday - happy birthday Joe. They've headed off to Cornwall for a long weekend I think.

It's also Abstract Thursday, hosted as always by the lovely youoregon1 . I'm not sure this is really abstract, it's certainly random.

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