Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Puddle Reflection

After Mrs BB, the human dynamo, got back from her short swim (about a mile) she suggested going for a local walk. It was pouring with rain, so I donned my Barbour and we set off from the footpath at the back of the house along an ancient trackway (Roman) through the Forest to The Maenllwydd Inn. It's about 40 minutes and 2.5 miles. Unless your Welsh don't bother trying to say 'Maenllwydd' or you'll have spit everywhere.

Mrs BB wasn't for stopping at the pub, but the offer of a glass of lemonade changed her mind whilst I enjoyed a large bottle of Old Mout Cider (Passion fruit & Apple). I don't normally drink in the day but I did enjoy the drink made in Herefordshire.

The Blip picture is off a large puddle that picked up some wonderful reflections of the forest trees, and the raindrop circles make it ideal for Wide Angle Wednesday challenge hosted by a certain BobsBlips.

The whole walk through this ancient forest was littered with bluebells, and I also liked the extra, but chose the puddle reflections as it fits the challenge criteria.

The following two weeks challenges are, any wide angle, BUT preference in judging given to the following themes -

18 May ( tag 'widwed28') any + theme 'light & shadow)
25 May (tag 'widwed29') any + theme 'yellow'

I'll try and get results up on Friday!  Thanks for looking in.

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