Shw mae butt?

By Paztot

Pine Cone Pennies

Well today's the day I lose my 'L' plates and I've been really struggling for inspiration!

The chuffing Jet Stream dumped its load all over Scotland and we've all been soaked several times during the day.

So over to plan 'B'....(indoor photography not the rapper!).

While walking at Broadwood Loch yesterday, thing two decided to add to her usual collection of pine cones that was started during our recent trip to Centre Parcs in Penrith.

If you're still with me, you'll be wondering where the title comes from.....during our trip Bethan had her face painted and decided to show her gratitude by rewarding the face painter with a Pine Cone...hence the Pennies part of the title (as I said I'm struggling for inspiration!)

So, with no chance of a decent shot outdoors I thought I'd try out more macro photography with the pine cone.

I'm not particularly happy with the results but I think it's an interesting angle of a fairly common object.

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