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By walkingMarj

Last full day at Baile na Cille

I pottered around the beach near to the hotel before breakfast this morning. I hoped to produce an image with a good reflection of the house in the high tide. I like the sky in this one. I did not have the tripod so I could not slow the shutter speed to improve the reflection.

This is a wonderful place to stay. You meet fascinating people, the food is stupendous and it is very quirky indeed.

Today, Hazel and Tim took me on an 8 mile walk around the coast to see the split rock. This is a very large boulder that appears to have been split horizontally and then the larger part moved by about a foot. When? How? We have no idea.

It's been a beautifully clear day. We were in tee shirts for most of the walk. Tim (Mrhazelh) even removed his. (Too much information.)

We were delighted to see a pair of eagles flying. There was oystercatchers and seagulls, anxious that we might be near to nests. We saw a seal basking on a ledge of one of the many bays we visited.

Idyllic? Yes.

Tea/coffee and cake was consumed in the afternoon.

Now I need to pack and I can't believe how quickly this holiday has flown by.

Can't wait to return.

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