Lost Gardens, Tiny Rob and a yummy sunset

Back blip....On our first full day in Cornwall we decided to head for The Lost Garden of Heligan. I have been wanting to visit these reclaimed gardens for years and so this was my highlight of the trip….or so I thought! In fact our outing the next day was even better but more of that when I blip it!
The gardens were great, big, lots of walking, some lovely planting and wonderful wooded areas. I loved the sculptures in the earth, the giant and the mud maid are pictured in extras. I have also included a photo of Robin in extras which I love because he looks Lilliputian! It must be the effect of the giant ferns and the large steps but you would never believe he is 6’6” in this shot!
Our meal in the evening was in the Beach Hut, the meal highlight there was the sweet potato hummus for starters. We had spotted that there would be a good sunset so ran out after dessert to get the tripods and headed to the rocks to see what we could get. Robin has blipped me in action here and so I have included one of him doing his thing in extras. I have added my 15 second exposure of the sunset which flattens out the waves and I think results in a painterly effect which I really like.
PS. As we left the lost gardens we drove into a village and past a sign which said “London Apprentice Drive Safely”. At first we thought it must be a highly targeted road safety message and then we realised that London Apprentice is the name of the village. Who knew? I am so surprised that has never come up in a quiz, it’s so unusual. Having researched it, it seems to have come from the name of a pub which in turn came from a line from a ballad.


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