Abstract Thursday ... Leading Lines ...

The theme for this abstract Thursday is Leading Lines or creating depth in abstract photography. I was today in Bieschbos with my friend Peter from Moorfotografie for some fieldwork on picturing flying birds with 3D tracking. We used Nikon D500 cameras and telelenses in the range of 80.0-400.0mm.

One of the pictures I thought could be okay for today's challenge and theme. It's a gull flying away from me to a point in the sky where you lose sight of the bird. The lines in the image are imaginary converging lines that come together at the vanishing point. They give depth at the flight of the bird.

Thank you youoregon1 for being so kind hosting abstract Thursday and theme.

Thank you for visiting my journal and your supporting comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's "Blooming Chestnut Trees ... ". Greatly appreciated!

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