Ralph at the Flower Stall

Turned out nice today and on parole in the lunch hour my hi-powered work suit looked a little out of place amongst the scantier dressed folk around town - however, I was on a mission to the PO to pick up a Passport renewal form (we're off to France for a week in September, whoopee, not with Matilda though!).  Renewal form acquired I wandered back to the office in the sunshine to see ' Ralph' the Chinese Shar Pei sitting on a bench by the flower stall, also enjoying the sunshine and his lunch of half a chicken sandwich shared with his owner.

You don't see so many of this  breed around now and I'm very glad that the Kennel Club are not advocating dogs with intense wrinkles which some of the breed were most known for.

KC Chinese Sha Pei Breed Standard: Devotees of this native of China will tell you that the ‘h’ in his name is not pronounced and that there is no plural. His unusual name is only the start of the differences from other dogs that the breed exhibits. One of the Shar Pei’s most distinctive features is the truly bristly feel to his coat, which may be black, red or fawn/cream. The inside of the mouth should be black in the darker varieties.
The early specimens brought to the UK from America tended to give a very unfortunate impression. They were generally short in the leg, had excessively wrinkled skins even as adults, and almost all suffered from entropion – inward rolling of the eyelids, leading to discomfort to the eyes and necessitating frequent veterinary attention. Fortunately, the influence of the breeders who were not wedded to the ‘get-rich-quick’ principle has resulted in a dog with a longer leg, a better-fitting skin and better eyelids. And despite his frowning expression, the Shar Pei is blessed with an affectionate view of mankind.
There is a mastiff link behind the Shar Pei, which is one of the world’s really ancient breeds. He was originally used as a hunter, a herder and a guard dog, and his guarding qualities also prompted people to misuse him as a fighting dog. Fortunately, his wrinkled skin and deep-set eyes helped him to escape serious damage.

Thought this might just scrape through as an entry for FlowerFriday with a twist - Animal?  Thanks once again to BikerBear for coming up with different challenges on the FF theme.
Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend one and all.

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