New Shoes!!

Last year, I had to get rid of my Converse due to usage. I didn't get a new pair. I loved my Converse. I haven't had the money to buy a new pair. On Thursday, when my bike broke, I had heeled boots on and couldn't walk home, pushing my bike, with my laptop bag on my back, in heels. So I bought these replicas for next to nothing. I wonder how long they'll last for and hopefully I'll have the money to buy the real thing when these copies wear out.

My friend, McKenzie, is coming around again this afternoon. I'm really looking forwards to her coming around. I've kinda surprised my housemates, as I normally don't have guests on weekends… before McKenzie came round last Sunday, the previous guests I'd had were my parents and brother in over the last few days of March.

Its been a year since the Discipleship Training School DTS I staffed graduated. It also ended a chapter of my life, it's been a year since I left London and the base there.

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