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The Callanish Standing Stones

We left Ullapool this morning on the early ferry bound for the Island of Lewis (extra). After staying in a very strange hotel last night The Caledonia in Ullapool it was great to be on the road water again heading off for the next leg of our trip.
After a bit of lunch in a pub in the main town we headed off for the Stones.
Since I can remember...well ...tracking it back about 30 years I have always dreamed of coming here...I never thought I would..........well here I am amazing. 

I was a bit nervous upon arriving.....the questions that were running through my head......'Is there going to be an ugly fence around the stones?'.....'what if can't go in and take photos at sunset?'......all my fears were relieved on arrival.

Without sounding like some spaced out hippie (nothing wrong with them really) I had a very strong feeling that I had been here before....the memories just kept on folding in on each other..strange ones that I didn't relate to that much...too much to go into now.. Anyway be that as it may it was just awesome wandering around taking pics. 

We left and booked into our hotel...made some tea had a little rest and then  returned to the stones for sunset. I am not sure how many extras the internet will let me put up...lets see....I certainly have 2 more I would love to.

At the moment it is nearly 1 am........after the most fabulous hot and sunny day ( who thought I would come to Scotland to get sunburnt...well not too much really) no clouds for sure .........there are going to be stars in the sky.
For me I would rather spend time taking pics of the stones under the starlight and even perhaps sunrise than go anywhere else...will have to have a sleep during the day. I am lucky Peter feels the same way.
Nearly time to get to make another thermos of tea.

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