Time Game

Waiting can be such a hard game to playing sometimes. I'm waiting for so many things; answers to the questions I've asked God about the future; for the weekend to start so I can sleep; for the GOFest to start in almost 5 weeks time.

The waiting isn't helping the games my mind is playing on me. I keep choosing to trust God to guide me forwards, to give me the strength to keep going. I think the hardest thing is to deal with is the knowledge that in less than six weeks (5 weeks and 5 days; 40 days) one of my childhood dreams will be coming true. When I was fifteen I first heard about the Airbus A380, it was still in production and I dreamed of flying in it. I thought it was another of my multitude of pipe dreams. Now eight years later it's happening, and because of this its a huge challenge keeping focused. I've also had some really big distractions that have been sapping on my emotions. So I've been quite tired.

Hopefully this weekend will bring in the sleep, the rest, I'm desperately in need of. The longer days and shorter nights aren't helping. It's getting totally dark well after 22h00 each night.

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