Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Light and shade

Another in the series of occasional photographer shots, this chap was setting up just as the bright evening light was disappearing.  This is a backblip from Tuesday this week, when the brightness of the setting sun contrasted strongly with dark, ominous clouds.  Gus was in good form enjoying romping through the buttercups of the rabbit field as he always does at this time of year.  

Yesterday, Gus spent a morning at the kennels, something he has never done before.  We are getting him acquainted with the idea in case we ever need to book him in.  He behaved impeccably, but was very relieved to see me when I arrived to pick him up at lunchtime.  After that I spent the afternoon and evening in bed, poleaxed by another cold.  My whole immune system seems shot through, and I am three weeks in to a four week course of antibiotics that hopefully will finally purge me of the infection that has dogged me for seven weeks now.  One of the reasons why my appearances here have been so irregular.

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