Sleepover Day

CJ has been so excited to be coming for a sleepover this weekend. They came to us  after lunch and it was a beautiful afternoon so we went for a walk to the local nature park.  There the boys and molly ran around the paths, climbed the piles of dirt and stones, and clambered up and down steep banks.

Then home for some games and puzzle time before making pizzas for tea. CJ made his own pizza with a eyes (made of ham), and glasses (made of cheese) ......... so the face would look like him.

It was LJ's first time sleeping in a big bed so we weren't sure how that would go.  However after a few stories from G he cuddled down with his soft toys and we didn't hear a sound from him.  When I went in later to check him he was sound asleep with a very firm grip on his favourite story book. 

CJ was allowed to stay up later as he is a big boy of 4, so he watched the haka and the start of the rugby before another story from G, and then he too was off to bed and sound asleep without a sound.  We must have worn them out with all the running and jumping ............ but I wonder how early our day will start tomorrow?!?!?!?

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