Market Town Life

By ClarityEye

Remain? Brexit? HExit?

I've been a bit blip absent, dear reader. More work crappyness I'm afraid. All very boring for yous, but I still have a job at the same grade. I am not convinced that said job will actually work or be enjoyable, but that 'remains' to be seen. Ha!
What a cheeky link into this historic day of the 2016 European referendum. This is important stuff boys and girls. Really important, so one for the record. Did you hear the £ has had its strongest week in 30 years? So investors are confident then? I'm only cautiously optimistic; I'm a facts and evidence girl by trade! Here are the remain guys at CMK station at an ungodly hour this morning. This guy was only too pleased to be snapped.
My return train was cancelled, so what to do? Mosey around the shiny new John Lewis store at Birmingham New Street of course! Lovely stuff. Then back at home, a wander down to the local library to proxy vote for the 'Parisian' daughter. Very tempted to stay up for the results. I just love those tv analysis graphics! But so tired.....I may have to dig out that pillow radio.....goodnight all or anybody! x

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